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The right care extends the life of any car or truck. We bring advanced techniques and cutting-edge diagnostics to the table every time.

Arizona Sun
Wash it! We all know what the sun does to our skin, but we don’t always realize what it does to our car. The topcoat of paint on your car acts as a repellent to the sun. Keeping your topcoat clean is equivalent to putting on sunscreen. When your car is dirty, you run the risk of damaging your topcoat. Don’t let the summer monsoons keep you from washing your car.
Find the shade! This one may not come as a shock because we all try to park in the shade for the obvious reason — a cooler car means less time for the A/C to cool down! However, keeping your car shaded is good for the outside of your car as well. The sun is damaging and the more time spent in it, the faster your topcoat deteriorates.
Dave's Auto Repair Clinic | Auto Repair Mesa AZWax it! Waxing your car is the most important thing you can do to protect the exterior of your car from sun damage. Wax acts as an extra layer of protection on your topcoat. Furthermore, wax protects the car’s paint from the UV radiation from the sun.
Sunshade! The interior of your car needs just as much protection from the sun as the exterior does. Putting up a sunshade is the most simple and efficient way of protecting your dashboard, console and seats — not to mention keeping it cooler. Put up that sunshade to help keep your interior from cracking and fading more quickly.

Top 10 Checklist
1. Checking and maintaining your car’s tire pressure is one of the most important safety tips in this Arizona heat. Allowing your tire pressure to slip below the recommended level can cause your tire to blow. Checking your tire pressure while filling your gas tank is a good habit to have.

Dave's Auto Repair Clinic | Auto Repair Mesa AZ2. Driving in Arizona warrants a strong cooling system. Flushing the cooling system and changing the coolant once a year keeps your air cold and blowing hard. Your cooling system requires a mixture of coolant and distilled water. Keep that combination in check to prevent corrosion and deposits from consuming your vital system parts.

3. Moving parts need grease and lube to stay running smoothly. Keep all moving parts well lubricated to extend its life.

4. Brake fluid needs changing about once a year. For obvious reasons, keeping your brake fluid regulated extends the life of your brakes. Brake fluid is cheap; spend your money there instead of on expensive brake replacement costs!

Dave's Auto Repair Clinic | Auto Repair Mesa AZ5. Waxing your vehicle not only keeps your car looking new, but also helps protect it from damaging UV rays from the sun. It is suggested you wax your car once every six months to help keep its healthy shine.

6. Checking and changing the oil is a vital step in taking care of your engine. The oil is the life-blood of your vehicle. Keep it clean to help your engine last year after year.

7. Much like changing your engine oil, changing the transmission and differential oils is also important. Although not required as frequently as engine oil changes, these fluids must be changed in cycles set by your car’s manufacturer.

8. The inside of your vehicle is important to maintain as well. Park your vehicle in the shade and use a sunshade to keep your interior from cracking and fading. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to use approved cleaners on your dashboard.

Dave's Auto Repair Clinic | Auto Repair Mesa AZ9. No one likes coming out to a dead battery. Dirty connections slowly weaken your charge. Remove the clamps and clean away grease and dirt to keep your charge strong and your battery lasting longer.

10. Not obvious to the human eye, there is plenty of salt and grime that coats your vehicle while driving. Keep your car clean to keep your vehicle protected against the sun’s UV rays. Don’t forget to check the underside of your vehicle, as well.

Gas Saving Tips
Drive slower! Slower speeds result in less gas consumption.
Use your cruise control! Keeping your vehicle at a constant speed keeps from accelerating; thus saving gas.
Dave's Auto Repair Clinic | Auto Repair Mesa AZCoast to red lights! There’s no point in accelerating to a red light. Save some gas by coasting to a stop.
Accelerate slowly! It isn’t a race to the other side of the intersection. Accelerating slowly consumes less gas.
Carpool! This one is easy. Paying for gas in one car is less than pay for gas in two cars.
Check tire pressure! Low tire pressure is not only dangerous, but also lowers miles per gallon.
Use A/C sparingly! Running your A/C forces your engine to work harder which uses more gas.
Roll up your windows! When reaching higher speeds, roll your windows up to reduce drag on your car.